Welcome to Jung's Official Home.
In here, You can get freeware that I made,
or order to me PC Add-ON controller built in
function what you want.
Also you are able to be reporting bug in the
freeware or maintenance the PC Add-ON controller.
This site is designed unique bilingual menu.
To see the English, use English memu of screen upside.
For the Korean, use Korean menu left side of screen.
What is PC Add-ON Controller?
PC Add-ON controller add to your PC a new
feature what you want.
It can help your hobby, life, or business.

[2001-1-16 23:0]
English Intro page is available now.

Thanks for your visit.
I am not a native English speaker, so
this site may have a fault or wrong word.
Please let me know if you are found it.

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